Trees, forest and ecosystems

In this section you can read about trees, forest and ecosystems. Plants form forest and forest form ecosystems. At a first glance, we can see how everything in nature is intertwined. You can also find here entries about man-made ecosystems, namely agricultural plots, field of sunflowers or grasslands (the links for the posts are below this brief introduction).

The term ecology, which refers to a science, is commonly mistaken by ecologism, which is a social movement.  To be honest with you, both terms sound pretty similar. This confusion undermines the concept of ecology, which is in fact a science as serious and rigorous as physics or chemistry are. When a glass fell on top of our foot, that remind us that physics exists. When someone spread sun cream on us, we realise chemistry is playing its role in our life; regardless if that creates a pleasant or uncomfortable moment (that depends on the circumstances and the people involved). We can bear in mind that ecology exists when we see food on our plates, we open the window to breath the fresh air o when spring brings hay fever, sneezes, and watery eyes.

Ecology studies how the living beings interact with the environment and among them. It studies how is that everything is in a circular equilibrium that has brought us here and maintain us in this planet, at least for now. As a surgeon does not go into the operation room without first reading a book about anatomy, so us should understand better how the planet in which we live works, to heal it. Knowledge is necessary, and knowledge is power.